Helping greentech Develop Smarter

Services: Cloud Development, Software Audit

Clean energy is necessary for our Planet’s future. Fluid digital systems are needed to ensure production and distribution of clean energy. Just like in any industry, digital systems can give you a competitive edge over those older, not-so-clean energy producers.

greentech, a leading company in Europe for photovoltaic power plant operation, based in Hamburg, owns and operates a software solution for monitoring solar energy systems. This software helps greentech  manage data from solar plants and collaborate with their customers. The big question was: should they continue developing the software or start looking for other options? greentech decided to ask for an outside experts opinion.

This industry is definitely something that Omoroi wants to work within. Omoroi consultants were sent on a interesting mission: audit, make an analysis and work out an improvement plan for greentech‘s software development processes and the system itself. The project took place in the middle of the pandemic so everything needed to be done remotely. No problem.

The result was an analysis and action plan including specific areas needing improvements.  Most importantly, Omoroi consultants findgings helped greentech in making better decisions about the future of their software product.

For Omoroi, the project with greentech proved that our auditing and analysis methods can be used remotely and within yet another interesting industry. Working internationally has become easier than ever, however, local differences in business habits and technical approaches always require sensitivity. Omoroi is ready to help software developing companies anywhere in the world.