We helped iconicchain’s RegTech product development by building better infrastructure

One of Omoroi’s key competences is supporting fast-growing teams to develop software in a smarter way and at a higher quality. In a small to midsize company, a senior consultant’s expertise can be very impactful.

iconicchain is Europe’s leading Regulatory Technology company. Since its founding in 2017, iconicchain has helped large European banks, regulators, and investors with their regulatory compliance challenges. iconicchain’s securitization solution is the world’s first blockchain-based tool for the management of asset-backed securities. Their cutting-edge AI technology enables auditors to analyze large masses of accounting records.  

Omoroi’s consultant joined iconicchain’s infrastructure team in Helsinki to help set up and develop infrastructure around the product and its development process.  Our consultant took a leading role in the project, which included planning development steps and coaching new team members hired by iconicchain. iconicchain’s open culture of knowledge sharing and the consultant’s eagerness of learning a new business domain were a good match. The consultant got on-board quickly.

One of the project’s goals was to unify development and CI/CD practices and tools. The development of iconicchain’s internal development infrastructure is a continuous process. The team followed industry best practices and studied existing successful solutions. The work focused on improving iconicchain’s solutions and developing a new, more robust infrastructure for the rapidly growing team.  

The growth of iconicchain’s business meant that new customer environments needed to be set up. As each customer had their unique needs and operating environments the deployment team needed to adapt. Once again, an open dialogue was a key to success. Asking the right questions without hesitation from the customer and colleagues helped to find the right direction.

Some of the key technologies used in the project included Ansible, Jenkins, Django, Python, OAuth2, Nginx, Kubernetes, Hetzner cloud, and Docker.

In the case of this Omoroi consultant, the results have spoken for themselves. The development infrastructure is in a better shape and helps iconicchain deliver world-class software solutions to their customers – something that Omoroi is very proud to be part of. 

“Omoroi’s consultant was, as they say, a “shoe in”: hit the ground running and made sure our infrastructure team was up to the demands put on us by some of the most demanding banks in the EU. Looking forward to continue working with Omoroi over the coming period.”

Andras Vajda, CEO of iconicchain