The Real Git

Have you ever wondered why some tell you to fetch and some ask you to push?

Have you ever tried to rebase without actually understanding what you're doing?

The version control system is one of the essential tools for a software professional and the most popular version control system today is Git. You’ll greatly favor yourself and your whole team by understanding it and learning to use it effectively.


  • Strong understanding of Git basics
  • Git and distributed version control don’t scare you anymore
  • Understanding what you can do with Git and what not
  • Solid skills to explore Git further on your own

Target group

  • Anyone who wants to understand Git and version control. Even complete version control newbies are warmly welcome!
  • Git users who wish to go deeper
  • Git users who want to build up the self-confidence to teach others
  • Anyone considering migrating to Git


  • Introduction
    • What is a version control system and distributed version control system?
    • What is Git?
  • Basic operations
    • Creating a repository
    • Working tree
    • Creating commits 
    • Staging area
    • Revisions
  • Branches and how to use them efficiently
    • Merging branches
    • Rebasing branches
    • Working with branches
  • Remote operations
    • What are remotes
    • Clone
    • Fetch vs. pull
    • What creates conflicts
  • Tips and best practices
    • Tips about using Git
    • Questions and answers about the subjects of the course


You’ll need a laptop with a recent version of Git and Gitk installed. During the course, we’ll be using Git from the command line. We’ll also use Gitk, a graphical Git repository browser. These can be downloaded for most platforms from

The course takes one workday.


If you are interested in this course or have particular questions about the topic, please contact:
Jussi Salovaara.