Infrastructure as code with Ansible

Topics: Ansible

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is one of the most important concepts of the DevOps way of working. Ansible is the go-to IaC tool for maintaining your computer installations, whether physical or virtual. Managing your infrastructure as code with Ansible means that you can apply all the software craftmanship best practices to your configuration. As a result, your setup will be version controlled, reviewable, repeatable, and transferable.

In this course, you will learn the basics of IaC and get hands-on with Ansible. You will understand the core concepts of IaC and Ansible. During the course, we will build together a multi-server deployment on participants’ own machines. The setup will be a reference and a good base for further experimentation.

Goals of the course

  • Understanding the benefits of Infrastructure as Code
  • Getting hands-on with Ansible
  • Being able to create Ansible playbooks yourself
  • Getting familiar with Ansible documentation
  • Experience with troubleshooting Ansible setups

Target audience

This course is aimed at developers, architects, system administrators, and DevOps personnel. A basic understanding of computer administration is needed to get the most out of this course.


A laptop with Vagrant and Virtual Box tools installed.

Course program

  • Why configuration management tool
  • Ansible hands-on introduction
  • Ansible architecture
  • Ansible playbooks hands-on
  • Secrets management in Ansible

Lecturer: DevOps specialist from Omoroi
Language: English / Finnish

The course takes one workday.


If you are interested in this course or have particular questions about the topic, please contact:
Jussi Salovaara.