Automation, testing, infrastructure, cloud, build tools, you name it.

Automation, testing, infrastructure, cloud, build tools, version control… you name it. We like to build it and make it work.

Our Services

Software Development Consultation

Omoroi teams perform at a high level whatever the goal of the project. We support your development by lending our consultants or a whole team to work with you. We are also happy to take responsibility over the whole
project, end-to-end.

Software and Project Audits

Sometimes it’s smart to take a second opinion about your project, system, or process. Omoroi makes evaluations, consults management teams and trains software professionals to reach their full potential. We combine analysis with concrete development ideas and roadmaps.

Courses and Training

Omoroi’s Training Services help to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date and ensure your competitiveness. Our courses are compact, hands-on sessions that provide you with a conceptual understanding over the subject. The participants will gain basic fundamentals in using tools like Docker, Ansible, and Jenkins and the ability to learn more in practice.

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Our Expertise

Software Development

Omoroi’s developers know how to develop software efficiently. We believe that code should be written with maintainability, readability, and testability in mind. Knowledge sharing and understanding the big picture ensure success.

Software Automation

Omoroi professionals have been working with test automation, DevOps, build automation, continuous integration, and continuous deployment for years. We understand both the technology and practices involved in software automation.

Cloud Development

Today’s software development is going to the cloud. Omoroi experts have experience in developing and maintaining cloud-based solutions and virtualizing existing systems. We also know that not everything changes when you go to the cloud. The fundamental development practices stay the same.

Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems experience includes industries like telecom, entertainment, and environmental measurement. We like to work end-to-end: we ensure that besides the software, the device meets the requirements.

We are looking for developers

Are you interested in language features, security, testing, maintenance, performance, and business? If yes, we think you might be ready to become an Omoroi!