Are you Omoroi?

Are you interested in language features, security, testing, maintenance, performance, and business? If yes, you might be ready to become an Omoroi!

Whether you are a software generalist or an open-minded specialist, we are interested in meeting you. Your passion for learning new stuff and growing as a professional is more important than your formal resume.

Choosing the technical approach to each of our projects requires taking responsibility and having a professional mindset. Omoroi supports your work by all possible means. We help you in finding a good work-life balance.

Omoroi embraces diversity. We all are unique individuals with various backgrounds. You may start at any level of experience with us. We are good at mentoring young and senior professionals alike. And we want to learn from you too.

Omoroi is a different kind of company. And we will stay that way.

Are you interested in becoming an Omoroi or want to know more about our way of working? Contact us at We will get back to you soon!

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